Herin Five Circle Trellis for Indoor Plants

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Let your indoor plants climb in style. 
  • Bamboo and twine
  • Comes fully assembled and folded
  • 3 differently sized rings ranging from 6-10”
  • Trellis measures approximately 36 x 10 inches
  • Can be hung vertically or horizontally 
  • Extra twine provided in case more attachments are needed

To unpack and hang: 

This trellis comes folded and tied together with twine. Untie the twine (set aside) and gently unfold the trellis. Hang on the wall using either nails or sticky hooks. One or two nails/hooks will be needed to hang. The trellis may come off the wall a bit once plants are growing around it. For this reason, you want to leave about 1/2” of nail sticking out from the wall. Once it’s hanging, use extra twine to secure or arrange circles as needed. Then gently start to wrap your climbing plants and they will do the rest.

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